living through a fire – what's next…

Post #6 Good morning world, a few days have past since my last post. I’ve been spending time with longtime friends as well as a new one. Have had many great conversations and keeping my mind focused on other things at the moment. Continuing with my story I will try not to belabor you with […]


We are all survivors as we walk through life…we need to embrace the positive and release the negative…

Day 5 post: The ambulance ride from Rockport to Christus Spohn Memorial in Corpus Christi was about 41 miles…during which time emergency medical technicians (EMT’s) were diligently working to treat my immediate burn injuries and smoke inhalation. I knew I was burned but didn’t know how bad. Cold packs were applied to burns on both […]

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The fire was spreading across the entire width of the complex fanned by 40 mph winds that came in with the cool front. I read later it was like a blowtorch. All I knew at that moment was time was running out and I felt trapped and scared…I couldn’t reach over to unlock my gate […]

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Day 3 post: My nightly routine was to get my clothes ready for work the next day, take my Ambien and watch a little t.v. before going to sleep. Nothing out of the ordinary. I had my phone charging next to my bed, my alarm set for 9:00 a.m., and my IPod music set to […]

Day 2 post:

Yes, life in a small resort town was looking pretty good and I was moving forward again. My apartment was coming together and I was beginning to feel like I was getting settled and “at home”. My favorite things to do included photography, knitting and crocheting, and walking along the beach. Driving into Corpus Christi or to a nearby harbor to shoot photos was “my time” to explore interesting scenery and look for white pelicans or other migrating birds to the coastal area. I never knew what I might see or when I might capture a once in a lifetime photo. I was patient and didn’t mind waiting, watching and poised for just the right shot. I loved it when I could walk away feeling good about what I could share on Facebook with family and friends.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011, started out like every other day…it was a beautiful day, sun was shining and there was a nice breeze blowing across the bay. Weather report indicated a cool front and gusty winds coming in the early morning hours, but you know how reliable the weather can be.

I had worked in my apartment, getting it cleaned and ready for the landlord to show. My east side neighbors had moved out but their apartment wasn’t ready to show prospective tenants, and mine was looking cute and homey…layout was the same, just flipped, and the people could see what the inside was like.

Having the day off allowed me time to get things done…even making some Scottish Butter cookies…yummy. It had been a good day and I was ready for Thursday…no split shift, just a morning shift and I’d be off the rest of the day…

What was about to happen in the early morning hours of November 3rd would change life as I knew it and the lives of everyone living in the 12 unit complex…

The cool front and gusty winds came to the coast as predicted around 4:00 in the morning…but the weather wasn’t the only thing changing that morning…then came the fire…and that changed everything.

Day 1 post: We don’t live each day as if tomorrow may never come, even though we know there are no guarantees…Bad things happen, to everyone, at some time or point in their life. After something bad has happened to you or someone you know, (as in a horrible fire) you’ve probably heard the expression […]